Version History

Version 1.4 October 2020

• Reminder system that allows the Chimney Sweep to add a reminder to their device calendar 
• Chimney Sweeps can now add custom terms and conditions as a PDF
• Revised interface allowing for larger buttons for Chimney Sweeps
• Haedlines and type now truncates on smaller devices
• Multiple choice options for the Chimney Sweep when filling out the certificate
• Better reporting
• Version 2.0 of the certificate gives clearer status for Chimney Sweeps and customers
• General bug fixes

Version 1.3 December 2019

• Numbered traffic light icons introduced
• Certificates have date and time in file name
• Certificates sorted by date/time value rather than text value
• Backup function added in user settings
• Bug fix for address book on iOS
• User manual link updated under info
• App checks in-app purchase status a second time
• Version number accurately recorded in the info section

Version 1.2 November 2019

• Bug fix for exporting .CSV data
• Bug fix for address book
• Dictation function added to the comment fields

Version 1.1 November 2019

• In app purchase bug resolved on all OS

Version 1.0 November 2019

• Android version launched on Google Play store

Version 1.0 October 2019

• Intuitive user interface
• Cloud free
• iPhone compatible
• Organise certificates by client name and date
• Delete, view or email certificates
• Certificates created as a PDF
• Customisable settings
• Add signatures and logos
• Export data as a .CSV format
• Collect client authority
• Reminder setting inclusive
• Traffic light system for instant recognition of problem areas
• Bespoke terms & conditions created to reflect industry standards
• Section comments can be added

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