User Manual


When you launch CarbonData for the first time you can enter your company details now or later. These details can be updated at any time, and appear on the final issued certificates. Enter the company name, address, phone number, email and website.

If you're a member of a trade organisation you can enter the details and the membership ID. You can add your company logo as a JPG from your device and add your signature using your finger. You can also add or remove up to 5 organisation logos as a JPG. The Chimney Sweep can add their own custom terms and conditions as a PDF format right from within the software or use the ones supplied.

Click save to apply your settings.


Tapping the info button contains our support email address, link to the CarbonData website and privacy policy.

Create a certificate

Tap the create certificate icon to get started.

Enter the customers Name, address details along with their phone number and email address that will be used to issue the certificate. You can tap a field at anytime to change the data.

Once you've entered the details you can move onto the next section by tapping the right arrow at the bottom of the screen. The left and right arrows allow you to navigate forward or back. Your progress is displayed by the dots at the base of the screen.

Tapping the trash icon gives you the option to abandon the certificate entirely.

Sections 2 through to 11 contain a traffic light system allowing you to select one of four options;


There is a comments box allowing you to supply more information at the end of the process.

A handy checklist displays items with a green tick that have information, items with a red cross have no information. You can choose to select an item on the list to review or use the arrows at the bottom to navigate back to that section .

On the consent section the date is added automatically, there is a consent paragraph for the customer to review. There is an option to indicate if The customer was not present which disables the consent, reminder, and signature options.

If the customer is present they will either agree or disagree to the statement. The customer can choose to be reminded of their next sweep, the default is not to be reminded. They can add their signature on the device screen.

The certificate will be emailed to the address entered at the start of the process and can be easily amended at this stage as well. The Chimney Sweep can add remindrs from within the app to their device calendar. Tapping the downward facing arrow on the bottom right of the screen saves your certificate then prepares the email to the customer, you can add additional content before sending.

The email will be despatched as soon as a wifi or mobile signal becomes available.

Abandon certificate progress

To abandon the progress of a certificate, tap the trash can and confirm by tapping the 'Delete Progress' option.

View certificates

Tap the View Certificates icon to view and organise certificates. Tapping the eye icon next to a certificate displays the certificate. The certificate terms appear on the final page.

Tap the arrow on the top left to exit the certificate view when finished.

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