Data & Privacy
Does CarbonData® use or rely on a data cloud?

No, certificates are held on the device and in sent items or on secure backup storage.

Does CarbonData® share my data or contacts with third parties?

No. We respect your data and privacy, the user retains full control of issuing certificates or .CSV files. CarbonData® offers a free backup service introduced in version 1.3 to restore certificates that have been issued in the event of a device being lost or stolen.

Is CarbonData® GDPR compatible?

Yes, certificates are not retained on a cloud hosted, owned or hired by CarbonData®. 

Customers have to give consent to receive reminders (or not), in the instance that the customer is not present at the location then any options of consent reminders are automatically removed.

Data held on mobile devices should be subject to security or password protection to keep all data on the device secure.

Can I export the data from CarbonData®?

You can export the data in .CSV format for import to third party software that supports the .CSV format.

Does CarbonData® automatically send reminders to customers who have opted in?

No, CarbonData® captures the customers consent to be reminded but does not actively pursue them.

How much does CarbonData® cost?

CarbonData® is £9.99 per month, subscriptions can be managed via the provider store.

Why is CarbonData® a subscribed app?

CarbonData® relies on regular review of industry practice and protocol which has a cost implication to the developer which the subscription contributes to. 

If I cancel the subscription can I still access issued certificates?

Yes, issued certificates are also saved in your email sent items.

If I cancel the subscription can I still access my data?

Yes, we suggest exporting a .CSV file before you make any cancelations.

Can I use CarbonData® on Android devices?

Yes, you can download the software here at the following address;


Can I use CarbonData® on Apple iOS devices?

Yes, you can download the software here at the following address;

Is there a limit to how many certificates I can issue?

No, CarbonData® does not limit the number of certificates you can issue at anytime.

Are certificates dated?

Yes, all certificates have the date of issue added automatically.

Do I have to fill in every section of the certificate?

No, every site is different and the choice to either select ’Not applicable’, add a comment, or not fill in a section at all moving onto the next. Incomplete sections are identified by a red X next to them on the certificate review screen, complete sections have a green tick next to them. You can go back and amend sections at anytime during the creation process. The certificate can still be issued with a section incomplete.

Does the certificate have terms?

The certificate has terms on the last page which can be reviewed on our Certificate Terms page on this website.

How do I view certificates?

Certificates can be viewed in the ‘View Certificates’ section of the App by selecting on the eye icon.

Can I re-issue a certificate?

Certificates can be re-issued in the ‘View Certificates’ section of the App by selecting on the mail icon, you can use the existing customers email address or enter a new one.

Can I delete an issued certificates?

Certificates can be deleted from your device in the ‘View Certificates’ section of the App by selecting on the bin icon. A copy of the issued certificate will remain in your email sent items.

How are certificates listed?

Certificates are listed by most recently issued first in the ‘View Certificates’ section.

Can I make changes to a certificate once I have emailed it to the customer?

No, once a certificate has been issued you can’t change it, any amendments require a new certificate to be created.

How do I add my signature to a digital certificate?

Under the ‘Settings’ section you can add your signature using a finger (or pen if the device allows it) on the device screen and applied to every certificate you issue saving time, you can change it at a later stage.

How does the customer sign a digital certificate?

The customer signs the certificate at the end of the process using their finger on your device screen and applied to the certificate.

Can I add a customer from my device contacts?

Yes, if you have a customer saved in your contacts their details can be populated during the creation of Certificates.

Sections & Traffic lights
What is the purpose of the traffic lights when filling in the certificate?

The traffic light system is a quick and easy way to identify the state of each section stage;
A red light indicates the appliance must not be used as a serious issue has been identified.
A yellow light indicates work will be required in the near future but not considered urgent at this stage.
A green light indicates no work is required or is considered to be acceptable.

Do I have to select a traffic light?

No, the default setting is 'not applicable' which does not apply a traffic light to the particular section.

Why do the traffic lights also have a number ie 1 for green, 2 for amber and 3 for red?

The numbers accompany the traffic light to aid the visually impaired.

How do I add comments?

Each section has a comment area where you can enter general comments of up to 200 characters, the final section of the certificate is dedicated to general comments. You can even use dictation and emoji's if your device has the functionality.

How many sections are there on the certificate?

There are 14 sections in total listed below, the sweeps details are added automatically from the ’Settings’ information.

1. Customer details, entered manually or from device contacts

Sections with traffic lights & comments box;
2. Appliance & location
3. Deposits removed from flue (Soot / Creosote / Nesting)
4. Flue construction
5. Fuels used: (Always follow manufacturers instructions)
6. Chimney pots / terminals
7. Condition of chimney stack (interior / exterior)
8. Result of smoke evacuation test
9. Ventilation conforms to regulations
10. CO Alarm fitted
11. CCTV Inspection
12. Fuel storage & moisture reading
13. General comments

Section with only comments box;
14. Customer consent

Can I manipulate the section titles?

No, the sections corollate to the final certificate and cannot be altered.

Is CarbonData® just for companies?

No, most sweeps are independent and just need to fill their details in the ‘Settings’ section of the App so they are displayed on the final certificate.

What if the customer is not present at the sweep?

We fully appreciate that you can be on site and your customer leaves you to carry out the sweep without being present. So long as you have the customers email address to send the certificate we have built in an option to indicate that the customer was not present. Selecting this option removes the requirement for the customers signature or reminder but still allows the certificate to be created to indicate this.

Do I need a mobile signal to issue a certificate?

Certificates are issued by the device email which requires either a WiFi or carrier signal. Once a certificate is complete it is saved to the ‘View Certificates’ section of the App and an email is automatically created with the customers email address and certificate attached. Sending the email in the instance of no signal passes the email to the Outbox and is sent the next time a signal is present. Having no signal does prevent certificates being created.

What format do I need for logos?

The JPG format should be used for logos in the RGB colour space and can typically be uploaded from your device, vector files are considered non compatible given their wide variables of inclusion.

Do you supply trade or association logos?

We do not supply trade association logos with CarbonData® as we do not have permission to distribute logos.

Do I need permission to use a logo?

We advise seeking permission in writing to use any logo.

How do I back up CarbonData®?

The App is backed up using the device provider software, ie iTunes and restored in same way - we advise backing up your device frequently.

So what purpose does the Backup function perform under the Settings section then?

Under the Settings section of CarbonData® you will see the option ‘Allow CarbonData Backup’ . This option BCC’s a copy of issued certificates to our backup storage, this setting can be switched off by the user. This function can restore (via email) issued certificates in the event of a user losing their device. Reinstated certificates can only be supplied to the registered email address.

In brief yes to certificates backup, no to device backup.

I’ve lost my device, all my certificates were on it - HELP!

We’re sorry to hear that, the good news is that issued certificates are in your sent items so you’ve not lost those. When you get a new device you can restore CarbonData® with the last backup from iTunes for example. If you use the CarbonData® backup setting we can restore certificates.

Can you reinstate my certificates to a third party email address?

No. We need the registered email address linked to the App to restore any issued certificates.

What does the restore process actually restore?

CarbonData® can send only issued certificates,  it can’t restore content such as address book or contacts, calendar, photos, videos or email.

Is the CarbonData® backup facility kept on a server?

No. We create lovely software for our users and that’s our focus.

Is the CarbonData® backup accessible to browse via a web browser?

No. We reinstate certificates direct to the email address the App is registered to.

How quickly can I obtain a restored copy of my certificates after I request them?

We aim to restore issued certificates within 24 hours. 

I don’t need or want to backup, how do I prevent this?

You can prevent CarbonData® from backing up by switching off the backup option under the Settings. 

Can I import the .CSV data?

You can for third party software that support the format but you can’t import the data into CarbonData®.

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